2020, UHD 16:9, 3:16 min. Sound.

Motion Anna-Lena Jaktlund
Music Erik Carlsson

Description: Audio and Visual are looking for a context between the wave lengths in a poly rhythmic dance, where coincidence leads sound to the image and vice versa. The two parts have their own functions but when they meet, they reinforce each others expression which creates harmony between them.


2008, HD 16:9, 1:53 min. Sound.

The Moon is distributed through Filmform, the art film & video archive.

Description: The full moon can only be seen during the night when the sun has set. When there is a full moon, the sun, earth and moon are aligned exactly, with the earth in the middle.

In the video work "The Moon", I explore the concept moon in relation to notions of time, room and narrative. With handheld camera and movements I try to free the object from their significant carriers to create new ones sentence. What happens if I manage to get random to take over?

The Moon has among other places been shown on the International Short Film Festival in Oberhausen, Syros International Film Festival and Zita Folkets Bio in Stockholm. Between March 6 and May 5 this year the film will be screen through the film program "Weather Games" at the Västerås Art Museum.

The sound piece in 5.1 surround on DVD and on CD together with booklet in a box made of matches.
The sound piece was displayed at the public library and it was possible to lend it home for a limited period of time.
The box is made of matches.
The matches are burnt in the oven to get color changes in the surface of the wood.
Listen to the sound online!
Map of Stockholm. The red dots show the locations where the sound recordings were made.
VMA booklet Tutet på din gata!
VMA booklet Tutet på din gata!


2013. Sound installation.
A sound piece 7 min in surround 5.1-system, a box made of matches, a booklet,  a map of the VMA-system in Stockholm County, 50 street names, compass, a tyfon horn.

Listen to the sound online

Description: The sound piece is constructed of 50 individual sound recordings. The recordings were made on Monday 3rd of June 2013 at 15:00, by using mobile phones outdoors in different locations within the Stockholm County. They were recorded synchronously with the test signal of the warning and information system VMA, important message to the public. The sound image has got its spatial shape based on the participants' geographical positions at the time of recording.

The sound piece is related to the concept musique concrète founded by Pierre Schaeffer in the late 40s and to the term field recordings, a word that is more commonly used today.

"Wind situation" including box, sound and booklet was part of the artistic project "Artoteket", a platform for art lending by Hans Carlsson in collaboration with Tensta Konsthall and Konstfrämjandet. The artworks in Artoteket was for a period of time possible for anyone with a library card to lend home at Tensta Library, Varberg Library and Karlstad Library.

The booklet "Tutet på din gata!" contains images of the VMA computer system, photographed from a computer screen at Brännkyrka- and Täby fire station, the Stockholm fire department. The booklet also contains some brief facts and curiosities about VMA as well as a description of the sound system.

Documentation of the Konstfack Degree Exhibition 2012.
Documentation of the Konstfack Degree Exhibition 2012.
Documentation of the Konstfack Degree Exhibition 2012.
Listen to the sound online!
Listen to the sound online!
Listen to the sound online!
Listen to the sound online!
Listen to the sound online!
Listen to the sound online!


2012. Sound installation.

A looping music piece 10 min, 4 speakers, 5.1-system, blinds and fabric.

Listen to the sound online

Description: The sound consists of several layers of sound recordings from a number of scans I made of four identical flat-bed scanners located in the same computer room at Konstfack. There is no clear instrumentation, since the sound layers lie close to each other in tone quality. Each voice is given an equally high or low value. They lift and obscure each other depending on how they are combined.

The room made of blinds is an artificial room that blocks natural light and visual stimuli. It may associate office or everyday room. Here the scanner sounds given its own place, detached from his subjects. Sounds from the scanner motors relates to technology, communication, production and frivolity. They can also be regarded as disturbing noise sound, generated by the surplus of image-generating machines.

The sound work is related to the compositional practice musique concrète developed by the French composer Pierre Schaeffer in the early 1940s. And to John Cage's concept in the 50's about random music, that all kinds of sounds can be seen as / or become music.

2012-05-23 Leif Mattsson writes a review in the online magazine ”Om konst” about my work at the Konstfack's Degree Exhibition: ”Men avdelningen för Konst bjuder på betydligt mer än film, som exempelvis den konstnärliga symbiosen av tredimensionell form och ljud. Detta kan man uppleva i Anna-Lena Jaktlunds persiennomslutna rum. Väl där inne kan man lyssna till en märklig mekanisk kör bestående av inspelade ljud från fyra arbetande flatbäddsscannrar – en udda kakofoni med tydliga elektronmusikaliska kvalitéer. En sammansmältning och ett nybildande av (ljud-)former som mycket väl skulle kunna stå som samlande illustration över hela årets vårutställning på Konstfackskolan.”

Documentation from the exhibition "Listen to the show" 2012.
An exhibition where art meets pop music.
The Pd program randomizes the music when the microphone and the trampoline connect.
The Pd program randomizes the music when the microphone and the trampoline connect.
Whoever jumps decides the pace...
...and anyway it goes fast!
Poster with a collection of a hundred hit songs between the years 1960 and 2010, my selection.
Documentation from the exhibition "Listen to the show" 2012.


2012. Interactive sound installation.

Two trampolines, foam, contact microphones, computer, soft ware Pd Program, four speakers, a poster/music chart

Watch the documentation video online

Password: Interaktivljudinstallation

Description: Each jump on the trampolines randomly generates a short sequence of a hit song (separated into two speaker systems), from a collection of one hundred popular songs, released between the years of 1960 and 2010. A new jump interrupts an ongoing song with a new. Whoever jumps decides the pace, and anyway it goes fast! The sounds are short quotations of hit music; choruses or parts with high recognition factor.

JumpBox is inspired by the culture of the boombox (so-called "Bergspronger") and 70s neighborhood parties in New York. People carried the music with them, mixed beats and played loudly, even though the rest of the community didn't want to hear.

Jumbox was shown at "Listen to the show", Konsthall C Pannrummet, 2012-02, an exhibition where art meets pop music, initiated by Johanna Billing and Thomas Elovsson as a part of a project. Participants: Weronika Bela, Gudmundur Bragason, Artem Christiansson, Tove Eklund Lindskog, Katarina Henriksson, Anna-Lena Jaktlund, Vilda Kvist, Loui Kuhlau, Martin Leterius och Celie Sagrén.


2011. DV Pal 16:9, 6:35 min. Sound.
Percussion sound material: © Erik Carlsson.

Carpet beater: Linda Madsen.

Sound composition: Anna-Lena Jaktlund.

Description: Just as objects sound when you beat on them, the eardrum vibrates when struck by sound waves. Almost as a mat that someone has set in motion. In the musical listening is time a concrete reality and the sound waves become a direct connection between our inner and outer room.

The percussion sound of the video is borrowed materials from percussionist Erik Carlsson. Along with him, I recorded his complete set of sounds. He hit once on each individual source. The result was a large sound palette that I could use how I wanted.

The Eardrum has been shown at Galleri Fisk in Bergen Norway, Kristianstadbionalen and parabola Artfilmfest in Stockholm.